Volunteer Opportunities 2016-2017
We are very fortunate at Cedar Hill School to have so many people willing to volunteer their time! Many opportunities are available to become involved. Even those with hectic schedules have a chance to help out. Please look at the MANY opportunities described below and find out what fits into your life!  Even 1 hour is appreciated and will help!

If you would like to volunteer, email the Cedar Hill PTO.

After School/Enrichment Program
Chairs: Joanne Wilkins and additional chair needed
The After School Program brings an array of enrichment programs – art, science, sports and just plain fun – to Cedar Hill School immediately after school hours. The chairs will also plan enrichment assemblies and school-wide assemblies.  Volunteers are needed periodically to chaperone events. 
(time commitment for chairs – moderate/extensive, volunteers for programs – 2 hours per program)

Art Masters
Chairs: Mary Cartwright & Danielle Gardiner
Volunteers prepare a monthly presentation about an artist, artistic movement, genre or technique. No formal education in art is required – just your commitment to furthering an appreciation of art in your child’s classroom!  You are welcome to invent your own lesson or you can “draw” from the file of many very creative and fun lessons that parents have created in the past, which you can feel free to duplicate.  (time commitment – an hour in the classroom 4 times during the school year)

Arts Night
Chairs:  Kremena Zheleva & Kristine Roche
On Arts Night, we showcase the many talents of our Cedar Hill Students fostered through Art, Music and Art Masters.  Volunteers are needed to hang student artwork in advance of the event as well as in the planning, set up and sales of products and student created canvases.

Book Fairs
Chairs: Becky Mailloux
In the fall and spring, Cedar Hill families have an opportunity to buy new books at the Book Fair. Volunteers are needed during the day and in the evening to help with the preview and sale of books, set up and clean up. (time commitment for committee members – minimal to moderate, based on your availability)

Box Tops for Education
Chairs: Needed
Since 2001, our school has earned more than $22,000 from box tops clipped from specially marked products! Volunteers are needed to count box tops, copy fliers and help arrange the parties for the winners in the 3 contests planned for this year. (time commitment – minimal)

Pawsox Family Event
Chair: Chair Needed
Help plan the annual family event. This fun-filled evening is always a high-energy highlight of the school year! Volunteers attend 2-3 meetings, determine the venue for the event, create invitations, track responses and help staff the event. (time commitment – minimal/moderate, but extensive at time of event)

Chair: Sherry Broomfield
Communications (PTO website, newsletter, directory) falls under the Communications Officer position on the PTO Board.  Periodically volunteers are needed to help with data entry for the school directory and other projects.  (time commitment – minimal)

Copying and Technical
Chair: Chair Needed
Help with the copying and technical needs at Cedar Hill. Volunteers are needed on a rotating schedule to go to the technical center at Pilgrim High School (Thursday mornings) to copy. Volunteers may be called on periodically as other copying/technical needs arise.

Chair: Bethany Milner (additional chair needed)
Help coordinate Cedar Hill Fundraisers (time commitment – minimal)

Field Day
Chair: Chair Needed
This one-day, school-wide fun and fitness event will have an Olympic theme this year. Volunteers are needed to plan the event and help with activities. (time commitment – minimal, except day of event)

Halloween Party
Chairs: Sue Graham
Volunteers are needed to plan and run the annual family Halloween party. It’s always a great event!  (time commitment – Chair commitment is moderate/extensive other committee members – minimal/moderate)

Kids’ Day for Incoming Kindergarten Students
Chair: Chair Needed
Volunteers are needed to help plan and staff a special “sneak peek” day for incoming Kindergarten students, usually held in March. (time commitment – minimal)

Landscape Committee
Chair:  Chair Needed
The Landscape Committee is responsible for overseeing volunteers (either families or local community organizations) working on minimal landscaping, planting flowers and maintenance of several key spots around the school.  Responsibilities of the committee include drafting a set of guidelines for adopt-a-spot participants, recruiting families to participate, maintaining the list of adopt-a-spot locations, and coordinating activities with school grounds person(s).

Chair: Chair Needed
Volunteers are needed during school hours to check books in and out, design displays, cover books, re-shelf items and assist our librarian with other tasks. (time commitment – a full morning or afternoon or just a few hours)

Parking Lot and Fascilities Safety
Chair:  Chair Needed
A volunteer is needed each morning from 8:15-8:40 to help our children cross the parking lot safely and to help morning drop off run smoothly, and you get to wear a cool orange vest! (Volunteer for as many mornings as you wish; the more volunteers that sign up to help, the less frequently each volunteer has to help.  If you drive your child to school in the morning, please consider helping at least once a month!  Note:  children may not “help” you with monitor duty)

Rescue Recess
Chair: Chair Needed Needed
Be a hero – help Rescue Recess! Volunteer one day a month – or even just once — to oversee the recess equipment cart, encourage children to participate in active playground time and assist with indoor recess activities on inclement days. (time commitment – volunteer for as many days as you’d like, there is a sign up sheet for each date)

School Picnic
Chairs: Chair Needed
Volunteers are needed to help plan a beginning of the year School Picnic. It’s a great chance for families, especially those new to the school, to get together and have fun before the school year and hard work begins.

Staff Appreciation   Chairs: Needed –    Faculty and staff make Cedar Hill a special place, and in May, we say “thank you” for a great year! Volunteers are needed to supply homemade or store bought baked goods. (time commitment – minimal)

Sweetheart Dance
Chairs: Kelly Soares
Help plan and work on the annual Sweetheart Dance held each spring for Cedar Hill children and a special adult in their lives. Volunteers attend 2-3 meetings, decorate the facility the day of the event, create invitations, track responses, make favors and help staff the event. (time commitment – minimal/moderate)

Chairs: Mary Beth Armstrong and additional chair needed
Volunteers Of Warwick Schools focuses on supporting the educational needs of students. Many activities at our school are part of VOWS. Additionally, volunteers are needed for copying, kindergarten screening and to provide computer help. (time commitment – minimal/moderate)

Chairs: Kelly Smith
Volunteers are needed to take and submit photographs of students at class events and during field trips, proof student portrait pages and sell advertising for this annual keepsake. You determine the time commitment you can make! (time commitment for chairs – extensive, for others – as much as you wish)

Additional Committees

Announcement Boards
Chairs: Outdoor sign – Needed   /   Indoor Sign- Needed

The chairs are responsible for maintaining current announcement boards. Information is gathered in cooperation with the principal. The chair runs the committee alone; no volunteers are needed.

By laws
The chair of this committee is an attorney who facilitates any changes to the bylaws and advises the board on questions pertaining to bylaws. The chair runs the committee alone; no volunteers are needed.

Highlighter Editor
Chair: Chair Needed
The chairs of this committee edit and design the PTA newsletter, The Highlighter. The principal, PTA president, committee chairs, teachers and others who have news to share with the Cedar Hill community submit newsletter content.

Reflections – Chair Needed
The chair of this committee distributes informational packets to each student on the statewide “Reflections” program, which seeks creative works (writing, art, etc.) based on a theme. Entries are submitted by the chair to program organizers. The chair runs the committee alone; no volunteers are needed.

Room Representatives
Chair: Chair needed
The chair of this committee select parent room representatives from the list of those who have volunteered for the position. (Classrooms often have more than one representative.) The chair maintain contact with the representatives during the year, as needed. The representatives and chair run the committee; no additional volunteers are needed.