Art Masters

Arts Night 2012
Arts Night was a huge success. Click on the links below to see the children at work.
1st Grade Video
2nd Grade Video
3rd Grade Video
4th Grade Video
5th Grade Video
6th Grade Video
Music Video

Visit our new Art Masters website for lesson plans and ideas.

Art Masters is a treasured program at Cedar Hill, run entirely by volunteer parents. Generally occurring once monthly, but adjusted based on curriculum needs, parent availability and/or other factors, the program has been a successful adjunct to Art Class for many years. A pair or group of parents will decide on an artist to briefly discuss his or her biography and noted works. A project based on one of art works or a style of artwork is then developed. The parents present the artist’s information, present a print(s) of the artist’s work and describe the project. Then the fun and creativity begin. The students love the projects and even more, love to see their parents in their class.

Lesson Plans
There are many lesson plans already completed with artist bios attached. The Art Masters program has hundreds of prints in its collection. If you’ve never volunteered for this rewarding program, give it a try. It is a wonderful experience, both for you and your student.

Below are the projects created for Arts Night 2011 through the Art Masters program. Each canvas painting was painted by the entire class and inspired by a famous artist.

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